Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I've been thinking more about turning D20 into a more object-oriented system, or at least a more regular system.

Everything on a character sheet could be reduced to Skills and Feats:
  • Take hit points and armor-like bonuses to armor class and replace them with a damage save mechanic.
  • Take dexterity, size, and related bonuses to armor class and replace them with a defensive value.
  • Treat BAB as a skill (DC based off of the defensive value).
  • Treat all saves as skills.
  • All modifiers to skills are provided via Feats.
Feats would need to be broken up into various categories and, perhaps, rated on a scale to allow for differentiated costs. Advancement would simply include a number of skill points and a number of Feats. Depending upon how much structure was necessary, some general Feats could allow for the purchase of Feats from different categories and govern the allocation of skill points (essentially replacing the structure of classes). Power level of the game could easily be scaled by increasing or decreasing the number of Feats and/or skill points available.

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