Friday, August 11, 2006

Another picture

Here is a picture of a Reaver Daiklave that I made. Originally, I made a cardboard daiklave on a whim for Nick (pictured holding this one - he runs the long-running Exalted game I play in) because he was going to go to a costume party. In part, I made it because I was curious to find out just how large and unweildy these things would be.

The cardboard was less than satisfactory, however, and I soon began it obsessive project that is pictured below. You can't really see the grip on this thing, but it is over a foot long. The blade is over 4 feet long. It's made of spraypainted (and hand-carved) hardboard.

The whole thing is ridiculously heavy and would be near-impossible to actually use - which is unsurprising, really.


Jeff Rients said...

Wicked awesome!

Intruder_W said...

Have you considered using pink or blue insulation foam? It's fairly cheap, affixes with 3M Super 77
(available at your friendly champaign Meijers, or
Art Co-op) and can be carved with relative ease.
We used to paint it with house paint, since it's styrofoam based, it doesn't respond well to solvents.
I'd think embedding a PVC pipe, a balsa plank or the like as a grip and building a couple of layers of foam
about it would look decent, and still be swingable.

szilard said...

Foam would be lighter, but thicker. I really wanted the blade to be as thin as possible.

I'm thinking there might be some lightweight-yet-sturdy sheet plastic out there...