Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Impromptu D&D party

The discovery of gummi eyeballs at the dollar store prompted my roommate to make a beholder cake:

Of course, at my house, we believe that anything doing is worth doing in excess.

So originated the rust monster:

and the baby grell:

...and, of course, no party would be complete without the Gelatinous Cubes:

(I also made a red and green slaad.)


Anonymous said...

Oh, man, that's too funny! (I saw this linked over in LJ food_porn, btw)

caroline said...

howd you do the beholder cake?

Stuart said...

The beholder cake was made by my housemate. She used a dense cake batter in two hemispherical pans (possibly Pyrex bowls).

The eyes are gummi eyes. They are attached to the Twizzler eyestalks by skewers (embedded lengthwise into the end of the eyestalks).

The frosting is cream cheese based and involved large quantities of food coloring.

caroline said...

Oh the possibilities for haloween!

Extended Warranties said...

Very humorous!