Monday, October 16, 2006

Cool GMs

Today is my birthday. To celebrate it, I will spread the love. Here, then, are things I appreciate about my GMs (without their names attached):
  1. You describe short cut-scenes with recurring villains/NPCs who we haven't seen for awhile. This effectively keeps them in our minds, so that when they do show up again it is meaningful.
  2. Your game is always fast-paced and fun. I wish that I could bottle your pacing.
  3. Your NPCs are cool. Your method of building them - as far as I can tell - is to find a colorful special ability or feat or whatever and create a character that would naturally have that ability. This also creates some really memorable challenges.
  4. You go with the flow. If the players come up with something that shocks you (and they often do), you don't smack them down. Instead, you appreciate it.

1 comment:

Jeff said...

Happy birthday! Your present is a whole bunch of monsters that need killing.