Monday, November 06, 2006

Crossroads in the Dust

Last night was the last game of what was probably the longest-running Wraith LARP in the world. It began in the mid/late 90s as a spin-off from Champaign-Urbana's One World by Night Vampire game. Initially, it was a play-test of expanded Wraith LARP rules written by some of the game masters - and there was only one player at first.

When I moved out here in 2001, I joined the game. At the time, there were probably a dozen or so players. At some points after that, the game would swell to almost double that size, but it was more often than not smaller than that. Most of the players were close friends. Several of them moved into a house together, which was dubbed "The Necropolis." I wasn't in that group, and the population of the house has almost completely changed, but I'm actually living there now.

The game had a good ending - a better one than I could have hoped for, really. Angela (who was running it), was worried... in part, I think, because she put us up against near-impossible odds at the end and didn't know how - or if - we could succeed. She confessed to me that she had stopped bothering to come up with methods of overcoming obstacles awhile ago, as we almost never used the methods she expected anyway. We surprised her again, though our method was a long-shot... and only worked because we were really, really lucky (it isn't often you can count on winning rock-paper-scissors 11 times in a row, but I managed it), but my character proved himself to be the most bad-ass Pardoner in the universe.

It was a good end to an era.


Jeff said...

You live in a place called "the Necropolis"? Dude, you are freaking me out right now.

szilard said...

Eh. It got the name because it was originally inhabited by Wraith players - and it sort of stuck.