Monday, April 23, 2007

Gourm Sneak Preview

Enough panic this morning. Here is some content.

I've alluded to a project that I've been working on that involves an adventure. The adventure? The Goblins of Gourm. The project? A goblin-based city-book, The City of Gourm.

These aren't your standard goblins. These goblins:
  • live in a rotating city made of brass and bamboo
  • worship a mechanical god-king
  • pursue an aggressive eugenics program
  • have an affinity for waterfowl
This is a joint effort that Angela and I have been working on - it came out of a brainstorming session on nonhuman cultures for her D&D campaign. We were so taken with a couple of the ideas we came up with that we decided to flesh them out (the other one involved arboreal dwarves in a petrified forest).

Current progress? We have an outline for the adventure that will serve as a lead-in/introduction to the City. We hope that we can release the adventure as part of WoAdWriMo. The project itself is shaping up to be large. A chunk of it (The Culture of Gourm - featuring details on fashion, the arts, music, and food) is written. A few supplementary rules (cultural feats and such) are written. Most of the rest is in extensive note form. My culture-making checklist has been put to good use.

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Jeff Rients said...

That sounds super-cool!

(Note to self: Update WoAdWriMo blog STAT!)