Thursday, May 17, 2007

Current Projects

So many things are going on...

At work I have a conference coming up at the end of June that I am planning - and this is a busy time of year otherwise. Personally, I will be going away for at least two weekends in June. This upcoming weekend is a friend's wedding (tonight is his bachelor party - I made him a meat cake). Much to do.

It is all cutting into my gaming project time.

The weekend after this coming one, I'll be running a one-shot Secret of Zir'an game for the C-U Run Club. I am not yet ready for it, but I think that I'll be OK.

I'm also working on a WoAdWriMo entry: The Goblins of Gourm, which is in turn part of a larger project.

Yesterday, I met Jeff for lunch (at a shwanky-hipster sushi place) and he passed me a copy of "The Taltos," an article from Dragon written by Tom Moldvay that features a funky variant 2nd ed. AD&D class that is sort of a weird shamanistic bard. He asked me to update it to be 3.5 compatible for him - possibly as a prestige class. I probably will.

In the meantime, I haven't abandoned the other projects on this blog: d20 herbivores, cool magic items, my monk rewrite, and the like. I mean, I just added another possibly-continuing project with Elmer's spellbook.

Hopefully, I'll make it to July.


Jeff Rients said...

Holy crap, that cake is meaty awesomeness!

szilard said...

Let me tell you, six pounds of meat is A LOT of meat.


Unfortunately, when deciding to make this I forgot that while I am generally a rather good cook, two things that I am not particularly good at are (1) making burger patties that don't fall apart and (2) decorating cakes.

Jeff Rients said...

When making patties by hand I use a fattier beef or crack an egg into the mix. I always add egg to meatloaf.

szilard said...

Oh, yeah. I used egg. Four of them, actually... for SIX POUNDS of meat.

I took some pictures. I should post a pictorial or something.