Monday, June 18, 2007

WoAdWriMo: Day Eighteen

I got some work done over the weekend. I think I've been making progress in terms of cutting back on details. I was going a bit overboard there for a while.

I did come up with a new creepy-cool encounter using an SRD monster and a commonly-known, but not commonly-seen magic item in an unusual way.

I was trying to figure out my projected page count. It will be well over 32.

Right now, the biggest thing working against me is time. This week will be rough. I have a big work-event on Saturday. The last two days of the month I will be in Chicago.

That leaves me Sunday-Thursday next week to finish things off.


On the plus side, I may have to take a vacation day or two next week due to end of the fiscal year wackiness and confuddled planning on my part.

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