Monday, June 23, 2008

Running a pre-published adventure

In preparation for running Keep on the Shadowfell, I ran a Google search for actual play reports. It seemed like a good idea: find things that worked well (or poorly) for others who ran the adventure. So far, I've gotten some pretty good advice and ideas out of the deal.


Jer said...

Do you have any good links to share? I'd certainly be interested.

So far I've run through two sessions of KotS with my group - and they've barely touched the actual keep yet. Pointers for things to watch out for would be nice - especially if you know of any that discuss difficulties that the players have adjusting to the fact that group tactics seem to be highly important to winning battles now.

I don't think I'm going too hard on my players, but it took 3 combats before the players figured out that they really, really needed to actively protect the wizard from threats now, and not just assume he was safe because he was at the back of the group. But that's all been on outdoor maps - I'm wondering if there are any pitfalls I'm going to run into when they start fighting in more confined spaces.

szilard said...

Most of the links focused upon earlier encounters, but this has a good flowchart of the adventure that might be useful to you.

Oddysey said...

My (limited) experience: It was easier for the defenders to control the battlefield and protect the rest of the part in the tighter, more dungeon-y spaces of of the Irontooth encounter than in the kobold ambushes. But it's also been harder for them to get away. Which could be a problem; we had to break before they really engaged with Irontooth, and if they get stuck next to him they're toast.

The "let's see what other people are doing" aspect of running a published adventure has been a lot of fun, and I wasn't expecting it. I missed out on that whole experience with 3rd; we never got through any of the published modules we played.