Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Temptation of FATE

Since I read through Spirit of the Century, I want to run everything in FATE.

I expect this is largely because it is new and shiny (to me). Perhaps it is heightened by the fact that what FATE seems to do extraordinarily well is the stuff that I feel was left out of 4e D&D.

Still, it seems like an incredibly flexible engine. Initially, I was concerned that combat might be a bit oversimplified (and I'm still a wee bit worried about how to interpret consequences), but environmental Aspects and Aspect-imposition seem like they'd naturally generate some really dynamic fight scenes. Like Exalted, to be most effective in combat you need to interact with your environment and take advantage of individual circumstances. Unlike Exalted, this is built in to the core system rather than tacked on as a "stunt" subsystem that doesn't always get consistently implemented.


Nick Novitski said...

I think there should be an Exalted implementation of FATE. What do you think?

szilard said...

Oh, totally.

I suspect it could be done without too much pain. Both FATE's stunts and Exalted's charms are already organized by skill. A bunch of things (castes, motivation, virtue flaws, intimacies) could be implemented as Aspects pretty easily.

David said...

Have you had a chance to look at Starblazer Adventures, Cubicle-7's space opera implementation of FATE?

I've just started to read it, but I understand it adds a bit more crunch with weapons, equipment, spaceships, etc.