Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The 4e Avenger

Someone brought a copy of the 4e PHBII to game the other night. I immediately turned to check out the Avenger. Why?

One of the PCs I've most enjoyed playing is Tarbold - a priest of Tritherion in a heavily-houseruled 2nd edition game with very generous multiclassing. In 3.5 terms, he would have been something like a gestalt cleric/rogue. Unfortunately, outside of the game I played him in, I haven't been able to model him well. Why?

Well, most fantasy games don't do divine/rogue types well. Tarbold was a priest, but he was also extremely stealthy and could backstab with the best of them.

Also, Tarbold was very gimmicky. I played him like a Holy Batman. He had a Rod of Lordly Might that he'd use as a tool as much as a weapon... and a Belt of Many Pouches in which he kept a huge variety of things (from jars of paint to changes of clothing to extra weapons to paste gems) so that he'd be prepared for any contingency.

I've tried 4e, and I wasn't impressed, but the Avenger class in 4e feels a lot like how I played Tarbold... in particular, it looks like it preserves a lot of the flavor I was going for with the character: someone empowered by his god to strike out at enemies from the darkness. That sort of character was a ton of fun for me to play... and it is tempting.


Rook said...

I haven’t gotten a hold of a copy of the PH II yet, but if the Avenger turns out to be like I have heard, I can foresee a deluge of Batman wannabes on a scale of Drizzt-like proportions! Don’t get me wrong, I love Bats and think it would be cool to play him too. I’m just afraid the idea will become cliché all too soon.

Mike Lee said...

Mike Mearls was on Atomic Array podcast, and it was conceded that the Avenger class IS basically Batman. So no accident there.

Scott said...

The avenger is probably the best thing in that book. It grabbed me right off, too.