Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dungeons and Dragons Sodas

As I posted on my other blog, Jones Soda recently announced that they are partnering with Wizards to create D&D-themed sodas.


I have to wonder whether these will actually be tasty... or if they'll be more along the lines of the Jones Thanksgiving flavors.

What do you think Illithid Brain Juice tastes like?


Chris said...

What do you think Illithid Brain Juice tastes like?

Like a blend of brand extension and essence of marketing synergy.

szilard said...

See... and here I was figuring that was exactly what Sneak Attack would taste like...

Badelaire said...

Illithid Brain Juice is Grape Soda, like old-fashioned grape popsicle-tasting grape soda.

There are six flavors in all. The others are a cream soda, a green apple, a root beer, sugar-free black cherry, and a cane cola soda. I've tried all but the cream and the green apple.

One of my former players shipped me a 12 pack, two each of the six flavors. Had a bunch of people over for the Stargate: Universe premiere and we polished em off.