Thursday, September 03, 2009

I'm Back

We're settling in to the new apartment in Takoma Park. Setting up a gaming space was, of course, a concern, and I think we did pretty well. We have a table that can expand out to seat up to ten people, and a nearby bookcase that holds our gaming books.

Now we just need to find people to game with.

In the meantime, I am hereby promising more frequent updates, and I leave you with a rabbit:
Apparently, when you see the scary doll in the antique store, you are not supposed to take it home with you. I'm not sure why Angela waited to tell me this until after I bought it.


Intruder_W said...

I consider gaping maws with tentacled eyes coming from the torso a mark of quality in a doll.

Jeff Rients said...

Good to hear from you! Amy was just asking me how you two were doing.

Jonathan said...

Welcome to the neighborhood!