Monday, December 04, 2006

Introducing Bart

Angela is planning on running an every-other-Sunday or so D&D game in the old Wraith time slot. She's never run D&D before. She's barely played D&D, really, but she grew up possessing an old 1e Monster Manual, which she loved. She's obsessed with creating ecological and environmental detail and has an encyclopedic knowledge of zoology, which she will use.

In order to take advantage of what I expect her strengths as a DM will be, I decided that I should create a character interested in exploration and animals. The party already includes a druid and a scout, though, and I didn't want to infringe upon other characters' niches. Thus, I decided I would play a chef.1

Bart Fliegenbart2 is the son of a dwarven tavern owner. He grew up in the kitchen, but was stifled by the banal tastes of the typical dwarven palate. Fortunately, he was exposed to travelers who would talk of other lands and their cuisines... and who would occasionally appreciate his creative kitchen concoctions.

Bart has left the hills where he was raised in the hopes of broadening his culinary horizons. He seeks out people of various races to learn what they eat... as well as creatures of various species to learn what they taste like.

1 I like to cook. I've also been reading a lot of Poppy Z. Brite lately.

2 The name is a reference to Clan Fliegenbart, a mad concoction of a series of all-night, mostly-dwarf, marathon games of Warhammer Quest.


Jeff Rients said...

I'm curious as to what character class you chose for a bon vivant of Bart's type.

szilard said...

Currently, he's a first level Rogue with Skill Focus: Craft (cooking). He isn't much on the typical Rogue-skills. His sneak attack is explained by his knowledge of anatomy and butchering, as well as on his insistence on a sharp knife.

My current plan is to multiclass into Ranger, depending upon how things develop. I might consider Exemplar as a prestige class.

I strongly considered Bard, but I didn't want his cooking to come second to another art.

Jeff Rients said...

Rogue was my first thought. A kind GM would allow you to use Perform (Iron Chef) and do bardic Food Fu.