Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Supervillain Concept: Mr Twist

As I mentioned, Nick is planning a supervillain campaign. I've been brainstorming, and I've come up with a couple concepts that I thought were cool, but which I don't want to play for whatever reason.

Here's one:

Mr. Twist
The Articulated Man

Villain-type: Brutish thug

Powers: Inhuman athletic ability. Low-end super strength. Twisted regeneration.

Background: Mr. Twist received his pseudonym before he received his powers. He was an up-and-coming NBA player who was known even in the world of professional basketball as an incredibly talented athlete. Unfortunately, he was also notorious for being a poor team-player and playing a bit too rough on the court.

When he broke his leg in the middle of a game, it immediately healed... strangely. Where the break had been, Twist had a new leg joint, capable of 360 degree movement and supported by new, extra-tough and flexible musculature.

Over the next month, he broke a new bone every day. Each break was similarly replaced by a super-strong, super-flexible joint.

On occasion, Mr. Twist is hit by a bout of extraordinary, maddening joint pain that sends him into a rampage. Mostly, though, he just hires himself out as a high-priced thug to mastermind-type villains.

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