Thursday, November 13, 2008

Game scheduling tool?

At work, I've used web apps to schedule meetings between a bunch of people with busy schedules, but it never occurred to me to use such things to schedule a game. I know some campaigns out there (I'm in one at the moment) don't have a set meeting time - the players get together when they can. Often, though, these games fall apart for lack of meeting. For these sorts of scheduling issues, a web application might be useful. There are a bunch of these - one of them was mentioned today on Lifehacker (which is what inspired this post).


Brent said...

I'm looking at 4 options, all linked off Lifehacker: Doodle (quick and easy), fasterplan, Diarised, and Congregar. I haven't used any of them; does anyone have experience with any of these?

Paul Tevis said...

We've been using When Is Good.